Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unexpected trip

I have been enjoying my second week at home, trying to build my strength and getting ready to start again. I do feel better, feeling stronger everyday. I hadn't heard from Little Rock yet, as far as my schedule, as what day I need to be back down there. We knew it would be either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Well, my plan was to call the scheduling nurse on Wednesday to get my schedule, but before I could call her, she called me. My schedule was already set up to begin on Friday, July 31st. This was not in the plan when we left Little Rock two weeks ago, we were told that we would report in Tuesday, August 4th. Well plans changed and I scrambled around to figure out what I could do or who would take me. Since I mentioned this was not in the plan so it really wasn't anyone's shift. Clay's sister Darcy said she would be glad to take me to Little Rock, we headed down Thursday afternoon, of course in the rain, it rained the entire time. I was scheduled for early morning blood work then a 9am Pet Scan, after that I met with the reseach nurse to get an update of the upcoming week. The only other thing I had to do was the bone marrow biopsy, even though these are painful I have had I believe 3 already. I am here to say that by far this was the most painful one I have had. For one, they were training a resident to do bone marrow biopsy's, he introduced himself to me as a resident. My question to him was "have you done this before" he said yes 12. Well 12 is not a bad number if he has gotten it down. Well it was very painful, he was trying to pull a little blood as well as a little piece of bone. He was having no luck at all, he kept going in my tailbone deeper and deeper. This is like drilling, if you can imagine. After some time of this went by with no luck, he passed the tools on to someone else. She knew what she was doing and it just took a matter of moments. I was so relieved, I have never had such a bad experience with this.

After this was over, we headed back to the apartment to gather up our things and head back home. We made it back home between 7 and 7:30 Friday night.

Andrew and I will head back down Monday afternoon so we can be there early Tuesday morning. I will get my line put in at 7:30 am and I see the Dr. at 4. We will go from there, I may start something on Tuesday night, more than likely it will be Wednesday. I will probably be down there for approx. 3 weeks again this time.

Please pray that I can be strong for Round # 2 and handle all things that are thrown at me.

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