Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Sluggish

I was a little weak this morning, out of breath and just overall not really myself. When we got to the infusion center we understood why, my blood pressure was 50/30 something. Definitely a red light!!!!!! I needed fluids in a bad way, one bag maybe two. After I received one bag of fluids my blood pressure went back to normal for me, so only one bag of fluids did I receive. They decided to change my line dressing today (a day early) the nurse thought it looked like it needed to be changed. When they were changing the bandage they noticed how irritated my skin had gotten in a weeks time, they decided they needed to go with a different type of dressing this time. My skin was so red and irritated as they pulled the bandage and tape off part of my skin pulled off, they will keep ointment on my neck so hopefully it won't scar. It is still so tender and sensitive tonight. This dressing now will be changed everyday and they will be keeping a close eye on it. You just don't realize how sensitive your skin is around the neck area until someone is ripping something off your neck. Beside the fluid and dressing change there was the growth factor shot and I was once again low on potassium, so we went home with another baby bottle for 5 hours. Andrew unhooked it and flushed my line about 6. There are always stomach issues that go along with the chemo too, your appetite is not the same, you think you are hungry but then you get full really fast. Today and tomorrow my counts will on the most part be ok then I will start going down. The kids will go home tomorrow as Candes comes down, I have enjoyed having them here.


  1. Sorry you have had a rough couple of days. I hope tomorrow & the rest of the week are better. Remember if you ever need a sub-guard I'll be glad to help out; I can change & flush bags, change dressings, and/or just a shoulder to lean on. Thinking of you everyday. Love ya!

  2. Wow! I knew it was really red at the beginning of the week, remember they changed it when I got there- but to think they pulled off skin just turns my stomach. See you tomorrow! Love You Sis