Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Woo Hoo!!!!!! Things are finally going my way. It was a really long day, Clay got here before 12 and Candes headed for home. Clay and I went to the infusion center for our 12:30 appointment, when all was said and done we walked out the door at 6 pm. I received a bag a fluid and we found out my white blood count had jumped up to 4.26, we were excited about this number. I get to shed the mask, the nurse mentioned to still use good judgement about being around people with colds or any type of a bug. We thought all was going to be good since my WBC was up, but then they told me I needed to get more blood today and then again tomorrow, We haven't really figured out where all this blood is going. What took so long today was the blood bank was so backed up, by the time they run all the blood and crossmatch it to the recipient alot of time goes by. Always a hurry up and wait game. But it is already for tomorrow so we shouldn't have quite the wait. I was a little low on potassium today, but we are going to check it tomorrow, it wasn't low enough to be too concerned today. The nurse just gave us a list of foods that were high in potassium, this should at least hold me until tomorrow so we can check it then. My throat may be a little better today, it is still sore but I think I can tell a difference today. I continue to do everything I am suppose to do. I didn't mention it yesterday but I started having bone pain, mainly in the low back area. It was like throbbing pain in the area where they took a little piece of bone out during my bone marrow biopsy. It is funny, the things that you think are painful, they take it as a good thing. You are suppose to have bone pain this time because it shows your WBC is coming back up. We hope for another good day tomorrow, just not as long and more good numbers.


  1. YES! Our prayers were heard.
    Cuz Con

  2. I am so glad you had a good day... hope today was a good one too.
    Miss you!!