Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Last weekend was really nice, the weather was beautiful for a Mother's Day weekend. Candes and I took our mother to eat lunch at Briar Rose on Saturday, it is such a nice place to eat, so glad it is open. Sunday evening I wanted to go to Tims on mission to eat, so we all met there for dinner, it was so good. After we ate everyone came to the house for awhile. I got some really nice gifts for Mother's Day.

I've been having more low back pain than usual, probably starting Sunday, but not really thinking about it being anything but the normal. Monday it just got worse as the day went on, still not putting it all together. Yesterday morning I ran into HOG lab first thing. Between Monday night and Tuesday morning I had put it all together, having other issues to go along with the back pain. I no more than got back home and they were already calling me, I have a very bad UTI so I had to go back in later to pick up the antibiotic. The nurse said it would probably be a good 24 hours before I felt any better. I can tell this morning I think the antibiotic has kicked in, in a day or two I'm sure I will feel much better.

I still haven't put out any flowers, first it was the cold nights then the wind and now its just doing it. You just hate to go to all the trouble working your beds then have to cover everything or lose it one. I am ready to get started though, Clay usually helps me with the beds, I always like the finished product but its just having the energy and strength to get it done.

Have a good week......

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to normal

Things are getting back to normal around the home front after the wedding and Easter. Since the wedding was on Easter weekend we didn't have a family meal together, even though we were all together. We did get together Sunday night at the house for ham and all the trimmings along with strawberry shortcake.

I am having a lot of pain in my lower back, hips and shoulders, whether this is the bone pain that they said I might have with the new bone strengthening drug or not I don't know. I had an issue Sunday that was a little scary, the Praise Team was singing at church and at the beginning of the second song I felt like I was going to pass out, I felt very strange. I didn't feel like I could sing, focus, or even function. I thought if I didn't sit down I would fall down so I found a seat till the song was finished. I stayed for preaching then I left very quickly, when I got home Clay had to help me out of the car due to the hip pain I was having, I couldn't turn to get my legs out of the car. I tried to take it a little easy in the afternoon even though we were having all the kids over to eat. Clay is always a great help in the kitchen, the kids pitched in too. Monday was a pretty restful day so it helped me gain some strength back. These are just issues that you don't really know why or what to blame it on, you would just like to know why or what causes things like this. Had to make a trip to Little Rock yesterday for a doctor visit on my thyroid, it was a 6 month checkup. He felt like everything looked good, he did an ultrasound, watching 1 lymph node but he said it was benign. I will have to have some shots in a week or two and then some additional blood work, he wants my thyroid count to be at zero to know the cancer is all gone. I should be able to have this done at HOG, they are checking right now to see if they can do it here. It would sure be better than having to go to Little Rock for a shot one day then at the same time the next day, then blood work three days later. So it would just really stink if I couldn't do it here at HOG.

The wedding was very pretty, Kara had put a lot of thought into what she wanted. Everything turned out and came off without a hitch and they are married. The hit of the night was the Hot Dog man coming in at 9pm, I didn't know she had booked him but it was a nice treat, the hot dogs were awesome.