Monday, August 10, 2009

Another day

We spent our three hours at the infusion room today, I don't understand why they schedule so many patients at the same time. My blood pressure was low so I had to get fluids, this takes an extra hour to do this. I think I got my last shot of blood thinner in my stomach today but now I start taking the growth factor shots again. This time it will be to keep my white blood count in tact. Before the harvest I was taking the shots twice a day, at least now it is just once a day. I had some painful shots today, sometimes they don't hurt very much but today was the worse it had ever been, in the stomach and in the back of the arm. They both stung like a bee from start to finish and longer. So far this afternoon we have not received a call to come back in for potassium, so maybe it was ok today. The blood work wasn't completed before we left today. I also started having some pains in my leg, underneath the knee area, we are just suppose to watch it for blood clots, I just need to try to walk a little more, but it is painful to do that. I need to keep the circulation flowing. That is all I need now a blood clot. We have been out walking some today but it is sooooo hot!!!! Gotta to do it though.


  1. Barbara - I just ran across your blog. I haven't talked to you since I ran into you at Kohl's and you mentioned you were having some testing done.
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out. I will continue to check on you through your blog. Love and prayers- Candy Williams

  2. Extra prayers for you today!! Love you lots!!