Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Going Down

The counts are still going down today, it was a very long day. Candes and I got there for my 10 am appointment a few minutes before 10, but set in the waiting room with several other patients for quite some time before they called us back. Even then we were there forever, Clay got there while we were still in the waiting room, Candes and I said our goodbyes and she heading toward Fayetteville. My counts were really low, blood pressure a little low and again my heart rate was a little high. I was given a bag of fluids and 2 units of blood, I may need platelet's tomorrow if I drop anymore. I am just really tired and sleepy today, I guess anyone would be tired setting all day, I was just extra tired. As far as my sleep, I had mentioned not being able to sleep at night, they had me to take a different pill and it is helping. I rested better last night and the night before than I had in several nights.
Have a good week-end.

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  1. Hey, Barbara! I enjoyed talking to you the other night. I will be praying for "NO Bugs, NO germs, NO fever & for better days ahead!! Hang in there & KNOW that there are MANY prayers going up for you. Love ya & thinking of you always!!