Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Results and Heading Home

Only two things standing in my way right now, before getting in the car to head home.

1) Removing the line from my jugular vein

2) Getting the Doppler Ultrasound on my left leg

Waiting with phone in hand this morning for a call from the scheduling nurse, to let me know what time to go in to have the Doppler done and my line taken out.

Our plan was to have these things done early (which was mentioned to us yesterday) this morning and be on the road by noon. Well when I did get the call it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I was told to come on in to get my line taken out, but they would have to work me in. When we checked in we saw the waiting room was packed so we were sure that this wasn't a good sign, but I probably didn't set there 10 minutes and my buzzer went off. So this was a good thing. The other thing the scheduling nurse told me, they couldn't get me in until 2 for the Doppler, not what we wanted to hear. After they pulled my line (and I do mean pulled) Andrew and I grabbed a sandwich at the hospital and headed on down to the vascular lab, we thought they might try to get me in a little sooner. First they told us that there were no other openings so it would be 2. But it was just a little before 1 they called me back, I was very grateful. I was in alot of pain, I knew something was wrong I just didn't know what. The pain was in my left inside calf area but had also moved up into my upper thigh as the day has done on. I was getting to feel a little worry and concern. The results were that I did have 2 blood clots, the are superficial, they say that is the better ones to have unlike the deep ones. But I am here to say they are very painful, it hurts to walk, stand, set and lay, so there is not a real good position to be in. The plan is to use blood thinners for a week and do some walking(which I said is very painful but I have to force myself)and hopefully this will take care of it. I got the first shot before we left, Andrew got instructions on how to give the shots, he will be giving them to me for the next 6 days. Yes, back to the shots in the stomach. We finally got out of there and went to the apartment to load the car, of course Andrew had to do all the loading since I can't lift, squat, bend over or about anything else due to my line being taken out just a little early. We don't want any unnecessary bleeding to start. We were on the road for home, we stopped to let me walk around alittle on the way, we pulled in the driveway right about 8pm. It is sure good to be home, I will be home for almost 2 weeks.


  1. Yea! Glad you're home! Go sit out by the pool and relax!

  2. I'm glad your home! Jonah told me he was glad to see you tonight! You seemed to have quite a bit of energy. I'm sure you feel drained, but just hide it well. Can't wait to catch up!

  3. Barbara, Glad to know you're home hopefully for a few weeks. I'm glad you're doing your blog so everyone can keep up with what's going on with you. Isn't technology wonderful!
    Angela McKnight