Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Month

Tomorrow starts a new month, Clay and I will head back to Little Rock tomorrow to see Dr. Barlogie again. Kara and I drove down yesterday (Monday) for all my test, bone marrow biopsy, Pet Scan, MRI & blood work. It was a long tiring day, just going from one area of the hospital to another for the next test. We didn't leave there till after 8, we were beginning to get hungry, I couldn't have anything to eat after 8am till after the Pet Scan which ended around 5. We really didn't have time to eat before the MRI, so we grabbed just a little snack to hold us over. When we finally left the hospital we went to the new Cheddars to have a late dinner. I have been to a couple different Cheddars but not the one in Little Rock, Kara had not been to a Cheddars before. Very nice restaurant I would recommend it, a good location too right on University. Kara & I got home around noon today, we ran in & out of rain quite a bit as we were coming home, I was pretty sore after the bone marrow biopsy so it is always kinda an uncomfortable ride home. But I made it and now I look forward to tomorrow to get in the car and do it all over again, the ride back that is. We just hope & pray that whatever Dr. B saw 2 weeks ago is no longer there and all the new tests are just perfect. I will post the tests results as they come in, or as they are given to us.

I still can't believe this weather, it is the end of January/first of February. It has been so nice though, I could do without the wind, I can't hardly think of a day that we haven't had strong winds. Get out & enjoy this weather or get in the car & drive somewhere like us, we will enjoy the weather looking at it from the car.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better Days

Things are looking better for me now, it really took quite a while to get back on track though. I think the only thing I didn't mention in the last post was my little falling episode, the night that things were at the lowest (in more ways than one) I had fallen a couple of times. This was when my legs had no feeling in them, were not working. It was in the middle of the night, leg pains something fierce and Clay was with me, at one point he had me sitting on the side of the bed, whether I passed out or fell asleep I slipped off the bed and hit the bed side table. I didn't really know I did it until the next day, I rubbed my head & realized I must have done something. I had Clay to look at my eye or head, he told me that it was swollen and I had a black eye. It wasn't just real bad on that Monday but by Tuesday it was deep, deep purple. I have never had a black eye before, it has faded now and things have slowly gotten back to normal.

Our trip to Little Rock for my appointment to see Dr. Barlogie is usually just a routine, he just looks over all my tests and says everything looks fine, see you back next time. This time was a little different, he seems to have seen something in my blood work as well as the bone marrow biopsy that either shouldn't be there or hasn't been there, anyway its something that he doesn't like and he wants it to be looked at further. He wanted me back down there for more testing this week and to see him again for the results but they couldn't get everything scheduled for this week, so I have appointments on Monday most of the day, then we will go back to meet with him on Wednesday for the results. There's just always something seems like but with this we just figured that its something weird going on and everything is really fine. He has pulled me off of treatment until this is taken care of, so no trips to HOG right now, it only makes me miss 2 or 3 treatments unless he says otherwise when we go back to Little Rock. I am also off of my steroids and my oral chemo each night as well. I'm sure they will get to the bottom of this and things will just go back to the way it was before.

It sure was a pretty day today, just doesn't seem like its January with the weather we have been having, sounds like rain tomorrow, I have a massage appointment at the oncology clinic, rain, sleet or snow won't keep me away from that.

I hope everyone has a great week, enjoy this weather.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Day. Alot of things have happened since December 2011, one is that the Razorbacks won the Cotton Bowl!!!! WPS.

We had a really nice Christmas, the week of...... everything was done so it was just a calm week doing some baking and odds & edds, it was a great week with no stress up to the day. It's always a busy time trying to make the rounds to see all family & friends. We only have the 1 little guy so he gets alot of attention when everyone's around, I'm sure Jonah was a little overwhelmed.

Candes & I went to Little Rock January 2nd, this had to be an overnight trip since I needed to be at the hospital early on the 3rd. This was a routine testing appointment with bloodwork, skans, MRI's, bone density test & a bone marrow biopsy, after all that we headed home after stopping at Olive Garden for soup & salad. We wanted to try their new soup, it was good but I wasn't a big fan, Candes really liked it because it was real tomato basil tasting.

So the next week January 10th Clay & I were scheduled to go back to see the doctor but the Friday before I got the stomach bug. Then on Sunday I got real sick I guess you would say out of it, severe leg pains, loss use of my legs with Clay having to hold me up if I needed to be up. Monday wasn't much better, HOG wanted me to come in. Evidently my Electrolytes had gone out the window, they infused 1 liter of vitamins, 1 liter of fluid, calcium & potassium, we closed them down on Monday, it was a late night. Tuesday, back to HOG for fluid & calcium, then today I again got the liter of vitamins & a bag of calcium. I wasn't able to walk on Monday so Clay had to take me inside in a wheelchair, on Tuesday he wheeled me in but I was able to walk out with some help. Today I walked in, so things are looking better, I have a little ways to go but I feel quite a bit better than I did that for sure. My doctors appointment was rescheduled to next Tuesday so hopefully things will be back to normal by then. I am going to skip treatment tomorrow (usual treatment day) to just give everything time to just settle and then go back on Friday for bloodwork to see if I need anything added. Tomorrow will be a good day to just stay at home, it's going to be cold, I don't mind at all. So it has been kinda crazy the last few days around here, I'm so thankful for Clay because I don't know what I would have done without him.