Monday, August 17, 2009

Going The Wrong Way

My numbers are still off today, my throat is still sore and there could be a sign of infection. We mentioned my sore throat to my APN, she noticed some red mucus in the back of my throat. She prescribed another mouthwash that is for mucus membranes, so hopefully this will give some relief. My red blood count is at 3.02 today and my white count is at 0.10. My CRP went up again today, it is 24.20, we should hear from the culture's by tomorrow. We need to anyway, that is when we see the Dr. and he will want that report. I took another bag of fluid today, due to my blood pressure. They also prescribed a pill for me to take once a day to stimulate my adrenal glands, this is suppose to keep my blood pressure more regular and not so low.

Hopefully my Dr.'s appointment goes well tomorrow and a decision will be made about going home for a week, staying here to fight infection, or staying here to get ready for the stem cell transplant.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I got a special treat from my little guy. Jeremy is here with me, and Adrienne called him to set up our web cameras from the computer. It was wonderful to see him. He was just playing, talking & laughing, he is all over the place now. He has grown so much. We also did this again today. Isn't technology wonderful? Thank you Adrienne!!!!

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  1. Aw! You're welcome. I was glad it worked and was so easy! I will say an extra prayer that your counts will get better and infection will NOT set in. We want you home, but we also want what's best! :)
    We miss and love you!