Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still Struggling

Another busy day, we were off to the infusion center at 10 knowing my Dr.'s appointment was at 12:30. They still seem a little concerned with my blood pressure, they just can't get it to come up to stay any length of time, by the next day it is back down. Clay has offered to share with me, if they can figure out how to do that. My white count did come up just a little today but not enough to help a whole lot, I am still so tired, it was o.26. My sore throat has gotten worse, the magic mouth wash I got yesterday wasn't an overnight miracle anyway. They prescribed another pill today, you dissolve it in 5cc of water, it is total chalk I am sure of it, it makes you want to throw up. I did have to get fluids today and a growth factor shot all due to my BP, thought we were home free and they decided that I needed platelet's as well. So by the time I did all this I was running late for my dr. appointment, as if I haven't waited on him before.

Dr. B. felt like everything concerning treatment had gone as planned, he felt like we were right on target as far as the transplant. With my low counts and this throat thing, I will be down here at least another week getting better, my counts will have to be back in a certain range and my throat will have to feel better. I will see the Dr. again next Monday and the decision will be made of what we will do. If I do get to come home, we can make the decision of how long I will be home for. I for one do not want to drag this out any longer than needed, it will probably be like a two week. If I went home for four weeks I promise you I would not want to come back. I just want to stay on target as long as I am feeling up to it, to get the transplant so I will feel better.
Candes made potato soup tonight, it felt a little soothing on my throat.
Tomorrow we will head back to the infusion center for basically the same things that we have done for the past week. Our goal is getting my white blood count back up and to regulate my BP.

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