Friday, May 8, 2015

A slow go

Things still are going very slow, I did take more chemo. The first chemo was one that I had before and it didn't treat me very well. I only had 1 round of it but then after that I took 3 days worth of a different kind. As well as an oral chemo pill at night. This started bringing my counts way down as well as my blood pressure. Having to go in about every other day to get either blood or platelets. You have to wonder where the blood products are going. Dr. Travis feels like my counts will come up over the weekend, I hope he is right. It gets very old going in everyday. My WBC is still in the zero's so I still can't be out in the public, town, stores or resturants. I know if my counts start coming up I will start feeling better. I believe today was day 11 for the shots I've been getting to try to raise my WBC. I even go in on Saturday & Sunday.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A new year & more bad news

Well I've let another year go by without blogging anything, last January when I posted things were beginning to start to get better. Slow but sure I was starting to feel better, thinking I was on the right path. About April or May started feeling bad again, after many tests were ran, they found out my AML was back, so back on chemo to try to beat it, this treated me really bad & threw me in the hospital June & July 2014. Watched the 4th of July fireworks from the 4th floor lobby window. Things took a terrible turn for the worse later in the month, the oncologist on call said the cancer had spread to all my organs and it was time to call the family in. Some were there but others arrived not to long after, I was so sick. the worse started about 4 but with God's grace by 9 that evening things took a better turn, I had yet again beat the odds. sometime later that night I went to sleep & I think slept all night. I woke up the next morning, Clay had stayed with me all night, I remember asking him what had happened, I do remember talking about my funeral & making plans because that's what it had came down to. I'm glad things took a good turn for me and my family, I still have things to do. It took me a few months to get myself back together, I had a home health nurse coming in to run IV antibiotics here at home each day. I was walking with a walker because I just couldn't get around. I got up from my chair & used my walker to get to the kitchen, passed out & broke my ankle. Not an added thing I needed at the time, it was a pretty clean break so thank goodness no surgery. Things gradually got better till around January/February 2015 started feeling weaker & not like myself. My counts started taking a drop here & there. My 60th birthday was coming up in March & I begin to wonder if I was going to see it. Had to go in quite often for fluids because I was so weak, my BP bottomed out alot. It took a little while before they found out what was going on. I was getting so low on platelets & blood, going to WRMC to get transfusions. They decided to do a bone marrow biopsy & that confirmed it. Then Dr. Travis had to come up with a treatment plan, even though we said & he said I wouldn't take anymore chemo I really don't have much of a choice. He is given me a lesser dose due to my history & see how my body can handle it. If this will buy me some more time then this is what we are going for. I had a chemo treatment last week, it didn't give Dr. Travis the outcome he wanted so this week I'm going in three days for a different chemo, I also started a chemo pill last night.

Please pray for healing of my body, if not complete healing then some quality of life for as long as I can have.
I will try to update a little more often.