Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Little Further Yet

Today my counts went way down, since I recieved blood yesterday I was still ok there. My platelet count had dropped from 20 to 11, anything under 20 you need platelet's, mine really dropped overnight. So I recieved a bag of fluids (again pretty much due to blood pressure & heart rate) and a very large bag of platlet's today. I am feeling pretty good, just kinda yucky and tired, I took a pretty good nap this afternoon when Clay and I got home from the infusion center. Clay is going to grill out some chicken tonight, we will have that and a baked potato and that will be dinner. This eating thing is hard to figure, I think I will be hungry but then it fills me up so fast. This is one of my favorite meals normally, these days you just don't know, everything has a taste of it's own. Jeremy is going to come down tomorrow to take a shift, he will be here a couple of days. We were hoping Adrienne and Jonah were going to get to come with him but we found out yesterday that I am not suppose to be around little ones. Actually I am not suppose to be around anyone while my counts are so low. We were hoping they would go back up by tomorrow but they said it would probably be Tuesday before the counts went back up. So I am missing a chance to see Adrienne and Jonah this time, but we have to do what they say. They say that even a healthy baby can carry or hold something in that we don't even know about, they say they are like elephants as far as carriers. (Sorry Jonah) I will miss seeing them but I guess I just better not take a chance and do what they say. I will just look forward to seeing them more next time or when I am home and right now we are not sure when that will be.

Again a Big Thank You for all the prayers, cards, calls, packages, & messages while I have been here in Little Rock, it is good to hear from each and everyone of you.

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