Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Day Behind Us

Well my first day of round #2 is over, it was a very long day, we were to be there at 9 to meet with the nurse and go to the chemo room at 9:30. Well this didn't happen!!!! Andrew was going to leave when we finished but that never happend, we had changing of the guard about 12:15, Candes arrived at the hospital and Andrew headed back home. Candes and I were there all afternoon, we got back to the apartment about 4:30, as I said it was a long, long day.

I recieved one chemo through my line today, this was a chemo that I hadn't taken before. This could be a rough one, it may cause me to be sick at my stomach (which Praise God I haven't been before). Also bad mouth sores will result from this drug. There are just new side effects from this chemo that wasn't with the other ones. I also was hooked up to my 24 hour a day X 4 day chemo bag that I take everywhere I go, I mean everywhere.

I fear being sick, I just pray that I won't be sick at my stomach, I see so may people down here that are, I have been lucky so far


  1. I'm keeping track of you from out here in Colorado, although I wish I could be there with you. Love you and you ARE always in my prayers. Cous Con

  2. I hope today was a little better than yesterday.
    You are in my thoughts constantly.
    Love you!!