Friday, January 29, 2010

Weather Concern

This is the main concern for all of Arkansas right now, right now here in Little Rock it is freezing rain/sleet. Back home in Fayetteville I hear it has been snowing for a while. It is suppose to get worse here as the day goes on, depending on the temperatures. We are a little concerned because I have a 3:30 appointment, not knowing what it is going to do because I usually don't get out of there till 5:30 or 6.
Seems to be going pretty well so far, when we get the chemo bag changed out today it will be my last night to have to sleep with her. I should get unhooked tomorrow late afternoon, when you get a new bag it weighs right at 12 pounds so it gets a little old to carry around.
Clay and Andrew made the switch late yesterday afternoon to get everyone to where they needed to be today instead of waiting to do the switch this morning, probably a good decision.
Clay ran down to the store to pick up a few things for us for dinner and breakfast tomorrow, thought it would be better to go now than later, hope they are not out of everything when he gets there.
Everyone stay safe out there today and tomorrow or until this nasty stuff moves out.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bag Lady

That's what you feel like for 4 days while you are taking chemo. By that I am talking about the 4 day-24 hour a day bag of chemo like I did when I first started my journey here in Little Rock. My appointment was at 1:00 today, they were really busy we left there at 6, it was a very tiring day. It's the bag you carry with you everywhere you go, it is hooked to your line so you have to remember to take it with you each and every step you take, we call her Martha, she is a sound sleeper yes she sleeps with me as well. I will have this until Saturday before they unhook it, we go in each day to get the chemo bag changed and do blood work but I still carry the bag. I am back on several meds now and as I have said in the past I do not do well taking all those meds. I am taking Dexamethasone in the morning and Thalidomide in the evening, this is the nasty stuff. Kara will be leaving today when Andrew gets here around noon, I have enjoyed her time here with me, she has been alot of help as well. My appointment is at 3:30 today, hopefully we will not have to wait as long today.
We are a little concerned about the weather that is suppose to hit the next few days, it will mess up our changing of the guards. We are just going to keep an eye on it and hope we will know what to do.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back in Little Rock

I was in Little Rock last week, Candes brought me down last Wednesday for testing. I was scheduled for testing Thursday and Friday, it was pretty much routine testing. Each time I come back it is always the same type of testing like a MMR, Pet scan, Bone Marrow Biopsy, meeting with about 3 different nurses. I didn't have anything scheduled for Saturday or Sunday so we headed home Friday afternoon.

Kara and I headed back to Little Rock Sunday afternoon, I have a doctor's appointment at 10 Monday morning. We will find out what the plan is for my next treatment. My thought is that I will have my port put in tomorrow and start chemo on Tuesday, but I don't make the treatment plans they do. So until they give us the word we will just wait.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

Dropping off the face of the earth I'm sure is what most of you think has happened to me. Well I am still around, I just haven't really been in the mood to post in a while, I apologize to the ones that keep up with my blog. I will try to get started back with my treatment and progress. I have been home for 7 weeks now, the first month probably was pretty rough with alot of stomach issues and appetite problems. My stomach issues are better but I still don't have an appetite, I get a little hungry but I haven't really found anything that tastes right. I eat but then I get full real fast. My energy level is very low, I move around the house and it just wears me out. Seems like anything I do it takes all my strength. And with the weather we have had lately it keeps you in the gloomy mood. I still have another week and a half still at home before I go back to Little Rock, I am not looking forward to it but if I want to get my treatment over with I have got to get started. I just want my strength and appetite back.

I had written the above paragraph a couple of weeks ago, but I never did post so I will just try to finish it up this morning and post it. Things are going a little better, that always happens when it time to go back, I leave tomorrow (Jan. 20th) for testing Thursday and Friday. I will see the dr. Monday, Jan. 25th, I will probably start my chemo that day or the next. We will just have to wait to see what the doc says. I will probably be in Little Rock 3-4 weeks this time, we will be staying at the same apartment complex as we have been.

I have enjoyed my time at home over the holiday season, even though I haven't felt the best I have tried to get everything in that I could. We had a wonderful Christmas this year, we enjoyed having baby Jonah around. Even though he is not a baby anymore, he just turned 1 yesterday (Jan. 18th) we celebrated his birthday actually on our other baby's birthday. Andrew turned 23 on the 16th, I am glad that I got to be home for these special days.