Monday, August 24, 2009

One Step Back

Our trip to the infusion center was fast and painless today, just blood work, no fluids. So in and out. Now with time to kill before my 4:00 Dr. appointment we headed back to the apartment. At my appointment we had to talk to the nurse, Physicians Assistant, research nurse and one more nurse before we actually saw the dr. There is alot involved at a discharge appointment, you have to get your instructions for home and go over your medications.
Dr. B. released me to go home for two weeks to build my strength, before coming back to get ready for my transplant.

There was only one little set back today, I have mentioned before that I had a problem with my leg wanting to make a blood clot. It didn't ever happen last time but today of all days it is trying again, it is very red and holding heat. They felt like to be safe we better have a doppler ultrasound ran on my leg. Hopefully it won't show up anything but we can't take a chance before heading home. I will also get my line taken out tomorrow, it will be so nice to have that out, even if it is just for 2 weeks. So we wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I am just ready to head home for while.


  1. praying that you get to come home and the clot will disappear!

  2. Welcome Home!!! We too will be praying for the clots to disappear!