Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is Coming

Here at Highland for treatment as usual, last one before Christmas though, I guess next to last one in 2011. January starts a whole new year, not that it will change a whole lot, I do go to Little Rock for testing and I will see Dr. Barlogie to get new orders, but they probably won't change a lot. This is short today but just wanted to post before Christmas, Jonah sees the presents under the tree at our house but doesn't really seem too interested. I'm sure when the time comes that will change, the excitement will be there and paper will start flying. I'm sure he will be the center of attention this year.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Weather, Dallas & Christmas

Wow its been along time since I posted, this time of year is so busy & where does the time go anyway......We did make the trip to Dallas/Canton and had a good time, we hit the ground running off the plane that is. The trip was alot of fun, tiring but fun, enjoyed the time with Candes. Christmas is just around the corner, hope everyone is ready, we are very close, just a few loose ends to tie up and we will be ready. I can't wait to see how Jonah reacts this year to the whole present unwrapping idea. I have been doing pretty good lately, still having alot of problems with the neuropathy, the last medication they added has some different issue that comes with it, I get the shakes of the morning pretty bad, I just deal with it though. Does it help I'm not really sure. I have worked on this post about 3 different times but just never have finished it. Can't believe Christmas is here, only 6 more days, with the weather being warmer it doesn't really seem like Christmas time. I think our shopping is finished now so no more trips to the mall or to town to shop. Now this week is for baking and fixing snacks & finger food, I made a batch of the old fashion fudge on Saturday and by Sunday it was almost gone. (Clay loves this fudge.) Needless to say I will be making more in a day or two. I made the Walmart run early, early this morning so that would be done, I don't want to be there later this week cause it will be a mad house. Tomorrow is just a being at home day, getting some things done, Wednesday I'm going in for a massage. Thursday is my usual treatment day, this doesn't change even with it being Christmas week. So it is kinda a laid back week getting some things done, baking & enjoying not stressing over last minute shopping. (December 19th)

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.