Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot Weather

Well not much has changed since last post, weather wise that is, still not much rain relief. A few areas have seen the rain but most of us have not. It's really sad to look out in the yards and pastures to see only brown crunchy grass or weeds. We have watered so much, as well as everyone else, sometimes you think about just letting it all die, but you have kept it alive this far you might as well keep going.  We may change our mind when we get our water bill. 
Just thought I would mention that by Christmas our family would be a little larger. Yes, we have two babies that will arrive by then. We are very excited for both of them, Jeremy and Adrienne are expecting a boy November 25th. Andrew and Kara are looking at an arrival date of December 20th, they will find out in August whether they are having a boy or girl. Fun, fun, fun we will have with these little ones running around in years to come.
Oh as far as me, I think the blood clot is on the most part gone, but I have 10 more shots to go just to be safe. Hope everyone has a good week!!!!
Try to stay cool if you can.  

Monday, July 9, 2012


Very thankful for the rain we have gotten over the past couple of days, we would sure like a little more. I know some people got quite a bit of rain where others received very little, its funny how that happens even in the same town. There was some storm damage as well, on a day the wind didn't even blow at our house it tore barns & structures up not too far from here.
Things are improving with the bloodclot, still there but I can tell the pain is much less now. So its 14 down & only 16 shots to go. I did see Dr. Rosenfeld on Thursday, he of course wants me to continue the shots (blood thinner) the full 30 days. He also thought that Dr. Barlogie was on the right track with changing my treatment somewhat. Unless a problem arises I will not get the liter of fluid each week & I will go to the Sub-Q chemo shot, so just 1 more shot each week, also in the stomach.  This will cut my treatment time way down unless they are real busy then there will be some wait time. So for the Portagram we will just hold off for awhile, probably a week or two after I finish the shots they will schedule it with WRMC.
Everyone continue to pray for rain!!!!!
Have a good week.