Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Of The Same

Much of today was the same as every other day, with a couple of fun things thrown in to boot. On the way to the infusion center Clay and I stopped at "The Academy" shoe and much more store. We hadn't ever been there and I wanted to look for some tennis shoes, it is a huge store. I pretty much stayed in the T-shoe section since that was what I was looking for, yes I found a pair. Then we headed on to the infusion center, I needed potassium today, so I came home with an infuser that Andrew unhooked at 8 tonight. All other counts were good. As I mentioned a day or so ago my eyes are the issue right now, they are driving me crazy. They are still so itchy and irritated, I talked to the nurse about it today she mentioned it was probably due to my eyelashes falling out. I had decided that maybe they wouldn't fall out this time, due to the length of time between loosing my hair and now. I have always been fond of my eyelashes so I hate to face the fact that they will slowly be disappearing. They put me on Benadryl for the itching and suggested holding cold packs on my eyes. Hopefully this will help, having to wear my glasses means no sun glasses and the sun makes my eyes so sensitive, my eyes water all the time now anyway. The other fun thing was I rode in the golf cart with Andrew while he played 9 holes of golf. It got me out of the apartment and it had cooled off enough that the fresh air was good for me.

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