Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day, it was blood work day at Highland Oncology for me. Kara picked me up before 11 for my 11:15 appointment, I got in and out pretty quick. This was also the day that they had to drawn extra blood to overnight it down to Little Rock. As long as there is not anything way off with my counts, I will be here rest of the week. This was only the beginning of our time at HOG though. A decision needed to be made, whether or not I would continue on with my blood thinner shots or not. Andrew had given me the last shot that I was prescribed from UAMS. When I saw Dr. Travis last Thursday, he mentioned that he might continue me on the blood thinner shots another week. Well of course you would know that he was off on Monday, so they wanted me to meet with a nurse, then an APN, they were also trying to get the dopler ulrasound report faxed from UAMS. One thing lead to another, and it all lead to a lot of setting and waiting, we were there almost 3 hours and really didn't find out a whole lot. I didn't ask for all of this, I mentioned to them that I could just call back today and talk to Dr. Travis or his nurse. I was told by the APN that she felt sure that he wouldn't put me back on the thinners, I said ok that is fine and we were on our way (finally) to finish our errands. I did have another prescription to pick up, we did that grabbed some late lunch and went to the eye doctor's office. I am still having trouble with my eyes (I think it has been close to 3 weeks now) the itchy, irratating eyes. I did get a tube of medicine to apply to my eyes, they seem to think that would give me some relief. By the time we ran these errands, it was 4 before we got back home. I noticed the answering machine blinking, yes, you guessed it was HOG, the APN had talked to my oncologist and they do want me to be on the blood thinner another week. Imagine that!!!!! I was not a happy camper, to say the least. We can pick this up today and not be behind on a shot. Today I am going to get some rest, not go anywhere and just enjoy my day at home. As far as my leg, it continues to get better each day but there is still the pain involved with it, the swelling has seemed to have gone down, as long as I am off of my leg the redness goes away as well. I still walk with a limp, or as I call it dragging my leg behind. I am getting around so much better than I was though. I do feel pretty good right now besides my leg. I am so grateful that things have go as well as they have during this whole process, I feel blessed that I haven't been sick, really sick like so many people have. You see people down there that are just really sick as they come and go for treatment, you can't feel anything but lucky. I don't know if it is because they caught my myeloma early, if it was that I am overall healthy, or that I am "young" or a combination of all of the above.

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