Monday, September 14, 2009

Transplant Day

The day we have waited for was finally here, we headed to the hospital about 8:15 to get ready for my stem cell transplant. Pretty much the usual, blood work, vital signs and assigned to a room. They hooked me up to oxygen for the entire process, and took my blood pressure every 15 minutes. I was given my anti nausea pills, a bag of fluids before the transplant began. Once they hooked up the stem cell bag it took approximately 10 minutes to run through. Seems a little crazy for all the build up for a 10 minutes process. They had mentioned to us that during this process that I would have an odd taste in my mouth, such as cream corn, garlic or roasted chicken. Well my taste was the cream corn, this was very strange and didn't last long, they have you to suck on hard candy and this helps a little. The strange thing is that after this you can't smell the preservatives on you or your clothing, only the people around me, Clay says it is pretty strong, though he couldn't put a finger on what the smell really was. When he steps outside and comes back in he says it is really strong. He is washing my clothes now to get the smell out of them. They said this smell could last a couple of days, it is just so strange that I can't smell it now. But I am not complaining, this part is over, and besides we should be downhill from here, we can only know things will get better. The old saying says what goes up must come down, we are going to turn that around to say what goes down must come up. This is concerning my counts, they will drop down this week but they will come back up just the same, I was high on uric acid today, so I had to get a little bag to try to get it to come down, then before I left I had to get my blood thinner shot. After this we were dismissed to go.

I was just really tired when Clay and I got home, I slept about all afternoon. We didn't let our chicken go to waste, he grilled out tonight and baked potatoes. It tasted really good to me, I got full really quick.


  1. Glad the transplant went well today...continuing the prayers.

  2. Praying for you everyday sweetie!!!! Sending lots of love and hugs your way!