Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr. Visit

Andrew will be leaving today to head back home, he is such a help to me while he is here. He knows all the ropes by now and if not he will find out. He found his way around this place very early on, so that helps me get around. He is always keeping me straight when I start to go the wrong direction, and always keeps us on track. He also wants them to do things in the right amount of time, without a lot of unnecessary waiting, he knows who to ask if things aren't getting done the way they should. He steps up to the plate.

Everyone says he should go into the medical field of some sort because he has mercy, compassion and a lot of medical knowledge. Even though he is good at this kind of thing, I don't think that is the area he plans to focus on. Just as long as he finds something he is happy in doing, that's what is important to me.

Darcy (my sister in law) will be coming in today, we will go to the doctor to get my orders for the next few days.

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