Saturday, September 12, 2009

Infusion Room Exit

As far as I know we visited the Chemo Infusion Room for the last time for now. I had blood work done, my dressing change and my blood thinner shot. This will do for the folks at the infusion room, I will start doing everything at 7-C. This is in the old hospital, I will still do everything as an outpatient, I will just come and go for everything I do, it could be once a day or twice a day.

Today was just a restful sort of day, Darcy and I got home from the infusion center about 11:30 and she headed back home, Clay was already here at the apartment. It is always good to see him on the weekend, since I am having the transplant Monday he will be here a little longer this time. One of us seem to have to hold a job these days, so I guess since I am the one taking treatment I will stay and he will go to work. Clay has been down here with me from start, to now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this first transplant. He is my Rock, bless his heart, he may not always physically be here with me but I know he thinks of me everyday, as he picks up the mail or on the phone with my insurance people, or on the phone to the hospital (UAMS) trying to take care of the billings and insurance fillings. I could never do this without him. He has really been given a heavy load, taking care of me (again) and keeping all the paperwork kept up. I don't know how he does it all. Thank you babe. I love you!!!!! Clay and I went to dinner tonight, knowing we would be in for a few days beside going in to the hospital everyday. After dinner we ran to the store, to pick up a few things that we needed and were out of.

Tomorrow is my Chemo day, I can only hope for a good day, I will hold my head up, keep my spirits up and go in with the plan that it will be ok. I pray for the best going in, and throughout the week as chemo works through my system.


  1. Brooklynn and I said an extra prayer for you this morning!!

  2. You are in my thoughts & prayers!! I will definately be sending up extra-extra prayers for you this week!