Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chemo Day

Clay and I headed to 7-C at the old hospital around 8:15 this morning for my 9 am appointment. The first thing is vital signs and blood work before you are assigned to a room. Normally there will be 2 people to a room, it is like a hospital room with recliners for the patients to relax in. The room is also large enough for your caregiver to have a place to set there with you. The next thing that was done this morning, I was given a bag and 1/2 fluids to protect my kidneys. I was given 2 anti nausea pills to protect me from getting sick, then I had my blood thinner shot. Then the chemo arrived, a chemo called Melphalan in a bag, I thought it was going to be a shot of chemo in my line. It was a bag instead, of course it did go through my line but it was a much larger dose than I was expecting. I had been given this chemo in a smaller dose before, but never a large dose like this. This type of chemo can cause mouth and throat sores, especially in patients with kidney issues. They encourage you to eat a lot of ice all during your time there, they say this will help with maybe preventing the sores. I am an ice chomper anyway, they just want you to basically freeze your mouth. After the chemo bag was empty we were free to go home. I had to continue the ice routine for about an hour and a half after we got home. Darcy had picked up some Popsicles for just this, they sure came in handy, I ate 2 of them when we got home.

Clay had planned on grilling out tonight, but the nurse mentioned not to eat anything hot tonight so there went that idea. I can have cold or lukewarm tonight. Grilled chicken just isn't the same cold as it is hot, we will just wait for another night to grill out.

Transplant is set for tomorrow.

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  1.'s Andy, Amy & Dunn Daniel...just wanted to tell you that we've been praying for you for several months and trust that God's will be done in all of this.