Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Welcome back to more testing. We are back at the Rock and going full speed ahead with test, test and more test. Yesterday was a busy day, Andrew and I left the apartment at 6:45, we stopped at Denny's to have breakfast, I needed to eat before some tests I was having later in the day. I could have scrambled eggs and bacon, oh and water. No toast, biscuit or hashbrowns. And what is worse no mints or gum, I am a big time gum chewer. Bad habit I am sure. I could drink water up until my test at 5 but no food, I did take some bacon to go, that I got to munch on at 10:30 then that was the cut off. You could probably do fine, it is just that knowing you can't eat that makes you go crazy. We met with the data manager, had labs drawn and picked up my schedule and we were moving onto the first stop. I had a Spirometry which is a very hard breathing exercise, then an Echo. After this we had a little time to kill before the bone marrow biopsy, and then on to the Pet Scan at 5. Again the bone marrow biopsy was pretty painful, always glad for that to be over. The Pet Scan lasts a full 2 hours, Andrew and I were so hungry when all of the tests were over, we were ready to eat some dinner. After we got back to the apartment I was about ready to call it a night, all that testing wears you out. We have another busy day tomorrow.

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