Monday, November 2, 2009

Fluids, Fluids, Fluids

I think I am about to float away, but I seem to always be low on fluids or dehydrated. I am still going in for fluids and bloodwork as well as the antibiotic each day. These pretty days I am trying to walk quite abit outside and enjoy the sunshine as well. My energy level is still kinda low so I can't do alot but I am getting better. One more day as far as we know of fluids then we see the dr on Wednesday and he will determine what's next.

I still ask for your prayers in getting my strength back so we can move on with Transplant #2.

Also pray that I can get my appetite back as well as finding something that taste good to drink, I am still having a hard time with tea, water or anything else. Soft drinks are too sweet lemonade is too sour. I just need something in between that is just right.
Andrew is with me now, he encourages me to keep moving, but he is also patient with me as well.

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  1. we're praying! Glad Andrew is there helping you, he's a great caretaker! I know you enjoy the quality time with him too!