Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Counts are still coming down

Counts are still coming down, I am not at the bottom yet, even though I feel like it. Yesterday I was very tired but with Andrews help we walked in. It is a very long walk from the Parking Deck into the hospital and up to the 7th floor when your feet just barely scoot in front of you. I know that it is good to walk as much as you can, but there may get to be a time I have to resort to a wheelchair. That may be tomorrow or the next day. I just want to be strong, but when you are dehydrated and your BP is so low then it might be time to take a ride. We will see, today again we went in at 10, pretty much the same routine, they take your vitals, draw your blood and send it to the lab. They knew instantly today that I needed fluids, my BP was so low that it wouldn't even register. They started on me right away, they also are giving me Zofran in my line for nausea, I am dealing with quite a bit of that. That yucky, quizzy stomach all the time. We came home today, I rested awhile, maybe slept awhile and then later Andrew and I went outside to keep me moving a little bit. It was very hard but I hung on to his arm every step of the way, he didn't have to drag me too far. :) I know Andrew has been a little bored down here this time, with me feeling yucky, we haven't got to get out and do things or go to eat. He has had to come up with things and try to figure out something I would/could eat. That is not easy these days, still hardly nothing tastes good, even the fluids is still a struggle. We are trying to find things. We wwiil go again at 10 Wednesday, Andrew will stay with me till around noon, Candes will come in then and Andrew will head back home soon after that. Thank you Andrew for you understanding and your patience with me. I love you.

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