Saturday, November 7, 2009

Transplant Day #2

Yesterday I went in for my stem Cell Transplant, it was not alot different than any other day besides long. Candes took me in, my appointment was at 9, Clay got there in time for the transplant and Candes was still here as well. The transplant doesn't take long at all, probably about 20 minutes tops, an APN stays in the room with you while the cells are going in your line. What takes so long is the waiting afterwards, they keep you 3 hours to watch your vitals just every few minutes, it turns into a long day. Clay and I came back to apartment for awhile, we decided to run to Olive Garden to eat a little dinner. I ate a few bites of salad, then I ate a few bites of Clay's chicken Alfredo, that is all I could possibly eat. I rested pretty well last night.

Today we went in for blood work, you just have to wait until the lab has your results, which some days take longer than other days. We went in at 10 this morning, we watched the first half of the Razorback game at the hospital. When my blood work came back I needed fluid and my uric acid was high so they gave me a little bag of meds to get that down, I also got a shot of Pepcid in my line, I am having alot of trouble with acid reflux, I am already taking medication for this but it is not enough. They say it is due to the chemo. That is all I had to do today, no bottles to bring home, that will probably come later on. I am getting a little tired but not feeling too bad so far. We finished watching the game here at the apartment. GO HOGS!!!!!!!!

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