Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lower Yet

My counts are still coming down today, it seems like it takes along time to get to the bottom from the top, I think you feel every bit of it along the way. Andrew took me in this morning, we stopped to pick up a wheelchair, we didn't think I could make the walk today. I am just so tired, and wore out, you feel like you need someone to lift your foot in front of the other. My BP was so low today that again I got fluids, nausea medicine, blood thinner shot and today I started on the growth factor shot. This will help distribute and boost my stem cell to where they need to be. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be about as low as I can be, so after that we can only go back up, so that is our plan, that is what we look forward to. It was a very tiring day, having no strength puts a damper on anyone, I myself don't like it. I just have to be patient, knowing that things that go down must come back up. I just want it sooner more than later. Candes relieved Andrew today, so this visit is probably not going to be very fun for her, I am not at the top of my game, but I know she will take good care of me, she always has. That's what big sisters do, right? We came home, I had to rest awhile, then we did go outside to walk just a few minutes, just to get some air. It just about did me in, but we did it. Candes fixed some rice and some cinn. apples, they were good, I actually ate pretty good.

My prayer is to have this go as smooth and easy as it can, deal with what you send my way and be as brave as I can. And when you feel like it is time for me to regain my strength I will accept it with grace. Lord, I trust you and I leave it all in your hands.

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