Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day #2

We had to be at the hospital at 10 this morning, for blood work and vitals. The blood work seems to take awhile some days, we waited for some time. You always want to wait on the blood work, this saves a trip back in if you need anything. Well they thought I would be good to go today but I needed fluids, so I had to get a liter of fluids, this takes right at an hour to run through my line. My WBC is dropping fast so by tomorrow I should be very tired and ran down they said, it will mean getting the mask out and wearing it, once this happens I will pretty much be apartment and hospital bound. We didn't get back to the apartment till almost 2 this afternoon, Clay got around to head back home as Andrew was heading this way. We go in at 10 again tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, Barbara - It's been a while! I go to church with Toni Brown, and she told me about your blog. I didn't go thru cancer treatment, but I can identify with a lot of things you mention in your posts. We're all praying for you - hang in there!