Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Round Two

News from the doctor today, we are ready to move on. We met with the doctor, nurse and research nurse to get ready for the next phase. This involves more meds, some new, some the same, increasing the dose on others. I have always had a problem taking pills, I hate taking pills, I gag almost every time. So now I have more to take, I started back on my Dex (a steroid) 10 pills each morning, at least I only take those for 4 days.

I am scheduled for the big dose of chemo tomorrow at 11 and my transplant will be on Friday. I hope my body is ready for this, that I am strong enough to endure the side effects that it might bring this time. I pray that maybe it won't be as harsh on me this time and my turn around time will be shorter.

This just throws me behind 4 days but that is almost a week in recovery time. We thought I would be home about 3 days before Thanksgiving, now it is looking very slim. I may get to spend it down here, I probably won't have an appetite anyway but I will miss being around my family. We will just have to make this call as we get closer.

So we just gear up for tomorrow and hit it head on, we are going to beat this thing, after this round I can actually say the worse is over.

Andrew left around 11 and Candes got here at noon, I told Andrew to start on home, I was fine knowing that Candes would be here within an hour.

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