Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things Change

Things are not always set in stone, plans change or someone changes them for you. As you read in my last post we were coming back to Little Rock for my second stem cell transplant. Clay and I met with the doctor on Friday to see if things were still on schedule and if we were moving on as planned. We visited with him about me being so sick when I was home this last time, he realized my energy wasn't where it needed to be, I was also pretty dehydrated. He also noted that there might be just a little infection trying to start, and he wanted to get that taken care of as well. So the plan is to go to the infusion center each day to get fluids to get me built back up and then we will go from there. Yesterday after the doctor's appointment I got my line put back in, it wasn't very pleasant this time. I have heard that after you have one put in several times you build up scare tissue, I guess this can be true. As far as I am concerned I don't like my jugular vein poked in that much. After the line was put in we headed to the infusion center for fluids, today they ordered 2 liters, then the other days I will just get 1 liter.
Today we went in for fluids and they also ordered a bag of antibiotic to run through my line. So as far as the chemo and the transplant, we are holding off a few days to see if my counts get back to where they need to be. I have an appointment to see the doctor on Wednesday and he will make the decision whether to start chemo and transplant next week or wait a little longer. So right now we are just here doing what the doctor says. I will keep you posted on the plans.

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