Thursday, November 12, 2009

How low can you go?

Wow, even lower here I go!!!! It was a struggle getting around this morning to go to the hospital. It takes everybit of strength to take a bath, get yourself dressed or even walk across the room. Candes scrambled us a egg for breakfast, that tasted pretty good. When we arrived at the hospital Candes did picked us up a wheelchair, again today I would have never made it on foot. My BP was lower today, I had to get two units of fluid today, along with the other things, nausea meds, blood thinner and growth factor shots and I was low on potassium so I went home with a 5 hour baby bottle. They said I would probably need platelets by tomorrow, we will find that out when we go in. A few more days of this and hopefully my counts will gradually start coming back up. Candes made us some potato soup tonight, it was very tasty, it hit the spot. She always tries to cook different things that might taste good to me. Candes will take me to the hospital and stay with me till Clay gets there, then she will drive back to Fayetteville. I pray for safe travels for Candes and Clay. We will still have several more days of low counts, low energy and rough days ahead. Clay may have his hands full this week end.

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