Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More bad weather

Sunday night and all day Monday it snowed here and I mean snowed. I don't think I have ever seen flakes that big, we watched from the room at the hospital. It was such a wet snow that you were walking in snow as well as water. Candes and I had never seen anything like this snow, trying to walk into the apartment (on the sidewalk) the water was above your shoes. All I brought was tennis shoes who would have known I needed waders , it has been a mess. It froze last night so you have to walk on frozen crunchy snow.

On to the medical part Monday my WBC had came up to 2.67 so we are on the way up, of course my BP is still dropping when I stand up so that means fluid, 2 liters. I had to get an infuser of magnesium/potassium. I am still feeling pretty weak and light headed, they say it is probably due to my BP. Today my WBC had jumped up to 6.20 so things are looking up as far as my counts. Of course my BP was at an all time low 68/29 yes you read that right, it has never dropped quite that low. I got a liter of fluid and was sent home with another liter for over night. I had a drs appointment today, Dr. Nair thought with my counts I should be ready to go home by Friday, I will see him again to make sure nothing has changed. He felt like I needed a few more days of fluid to watch my BP and to keep an eye on my headaches. He prescribed a BP medicine to raise it a little, we will see if it will work, also wanting me to start taking something to increase my appetite. Candes stayed an extra day this time partly because of the weather and partly because we were seeing the dr and thought he might send us home and there was no need for Darcy to come down. But we will go with the plan Darcy will come down and Candes will head back home, she has had her hands full this week since I have felt so bad. I will always be her baby sister.

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