Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day

I guess just a normal day around here for us, we have made our trip into UAMS for lab work and we are back at the apartment. The last three days I have had to get a liter of fluid due to my blood pressure dropping so low when I would stand up, today it was better and I didn't have to get fluids. Clay made it home on Sunday as Candes made her way down to stay a couple of days. We have changed our schedule around somewhat since we had to let one caretaker go, Andrew was my beginning of the week person from the start but he was recently hired by the Rogers Police Department, so duty calls. He is real excited as we are for him, it will take me a while to realize I have a policeman for a son, and it is always a little sary. So like I said Candes was here then my sis in law Darcy came down Tuesday afternoon, she will stay till Clay gets here on Thursday doing the weekend shift. And then we start all over again.

At this point we are just watching my counts waiting for them to come down and then go back up to get me on the mend. I take a growth factor shot to help my white count. The lab work wasn't back when we left so if I am low on anything they will call and we will have to go back in. On the most part I am doing ok, just a little weak, tired and having a few stomach issues. Hopefully my counts will go down and be back up in no time.
Please pray for strength and courage to keep me moving forward with this journey.

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