Sunday, February 7, 2010

Low Counts

My counts are really dropping now (as they are suppose to) and it has kinda zapped me, you just wait for them to come back up to feel a little better. On Friday my WBC was 0.17, it had been heading down but this was a big drop. I had to get fluids and I was low on potassium, so they hooked me up to an infuser which Clay had to switch out at 10 pm and then again at 3:30 am. On Saturday my WBC had jumped all the way up to 0.19 (wow) so hopefully we are on the way up, just slow. My CRP was doubled from the day before, this could be a sign of infection or it could be just due to my WBC. They have had alot of sick patients down here and having to put several in the hospital, I just want to stay infection free. I had to get platelets again today, along with fluid and home with a phosphate/potassium infuser. Clay has been a trooper this week, he has had to do a little bit of everything, I haven't been much company because I just haven't felt good. He said he might even learn to cook.

Today we already know that I am going to have to get blood and I am sure fluid, beside that we will just have to wait and see. Clay will take me today and later Candes will probably meet us there and Clay will head back home.

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