Thursday, February 4, 2010

Counts Dropping

It is a rainy day here in Little Rock as well as most of the state I think, a nice day to stay in if you could. Clay drove in the rain the whole way here as well as Darcy driving back to Fayetteville, they both made it safe. They transferred me to 7-C today so I could be assigned an APN, I had been on the waiting list, luckily I haven't needed one. My WBC had really dropped today, almost to zero so it is on with the mask to protect me from any germs. My blood pressure did it's thing again today so I had to get fluids, not just 1 liter but two, I also had to get a 2 hour magnesium infuser while we were there and I also needed platelets today. They loaded me up today, they also sent me home with an antibiotic infuser just in case my temp went above 101. Hopefully my counts will come up as fast as they went down.

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