Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fluids and more Fluids

Wednesday Darcy and I headed into to have labwork done and to see what I needed. My blood pressure was a little better but not what they wanted to see, they say when it drops like 50 points when you stand up, it's just too much of a drop. I took in 1 liter of fluid while I was there and was sent home with a 2 liter bag of fluid to take over 24 hours. They are trying to get my BP under control before I go home. I didn't feel as light headed Wednesday morning as I have felt the last few days.

We will go in today (Thursday) at 1 and see how things are today. My BP was better today, I did take a liter of fluid, but I didn't have to take fluid home. I had to have a unit of blood today as well as a magnesium infuser, they hooked me up to the infuser and it was finished by the time we left. By the time they crosstyped my my blood and they got it up to the 7th floor it was 6:45 by the time we got out of there.

The bad news is that we have to be back at 8 in the morning to get another unit. I have an early appt so we can get out of there for my 11:30 drs appt. I also had to have potassium today, a 5 hour infuser. Clay got there before 11 and Darcy headed back home, we headed over to the drs office to see what the plan was. We met with Dr. Nair and he dismissed us to go home, we decided to leave my line in for at least a week or two incase I needed fluids while I was home. We went to the apartment so Clay could load the car, Candes and Darcy had done most of the packing up so it was just pretty much loading up. We headed for home, it was a good feeling, we got home about 6:30 (Friday night), I will be home give or take 4 weeks, then we will have 1 more round to go. That also is a good feeling. After chemo my veins are just worthless, they have to stick me several times to find anything. The skin on my neck is so sensitive it is just to the raw stage, I developed blood blisters this time due to the pulling off of tape. If I don't have to have anything then someone at Highland will take my line out and my skin can start to heal. Clay will have to flush my lines each day and put heparin in my line. I will go in twice a week for labs while I am home.

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