Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good to be Home

It is truly good to be back home, even though it won't be for long, knowing I just have one more round to go makes it all worth while. I can do this!!!!! I have just been home a few days but it has been nice. I am trying to get something, like a cold or some kinda crud in which I do not want. I have to be careful in what I take, I can't just take anything. We are doing over the counter right now, my nurse said if it changed or didn't improve we would probably need to go to an antibiotic. I just don't want it to develop into something bad. When I went to have blood work on Monday my blood pressure was good so I didn't have to have fluids, I hope it stays up so I can get my line taken out maybe on Thursday. Kara took me in for labs on Monday, she had just got back Sunday night, she had been on a cruise, enjoying some warm weather.

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