Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not The Best

A few days after my first treatment I had a few issues, I really thought I was going to get by with just some tiredness and a little red face. Sunday afternoon I started having alot of stomach pains and just felt very yucky with this for a couple of days. On Monday I started in with leg pains, I wouldn't call them cramps because there was so much pain involved. I called Highland to see if there were any suggestions of what I could do, my potassium was a little low so they wanted me to up my potassium intake. We stocked up on bananas and cantaloupe, it did help to bring it up, Dr. Rosenfeld wanted me to also start taking Vitamin D. The pains have pretty much gone away, there will be some aching every once in awhile but not as bad as Monday. It was just kinda a draggy week, I am blaming it on not having any chemo since April and then that poison hitting me again, I think my body will just have to get use to it and adjust. I had another treatment Thursday and saw Dr, Rosenfeld, my counts were all pretty good except my blood pressure was kinda low he would like to see that up a little, I get light/heavy headed when I stand up alot of the times. I have just been a little tired but I am hoping this last treatment will be a little more gentle to me. I will have a treatment on Tuesday this week and then head to Little Rock Thursday and Friday for tests and to see Dr. Barlogie (my myeloma dr). We will see how this week goes hopefully it will be better. I have to start the low iodine diet on Tuesday to get ready for my radiation in a couple of weeks, it is going to be tough figuring out what to fix, everything has to be prepared, there can't be any type of preservatives in anything I fix, it's just a little different than what we are use to. No dairy whatsoever.

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