Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kidney Biopsy

Clay and I left around 10 Wednesday morning for Little Rock, for bloodwork and the kidney biopsy on Thursday. We had to be at the hospital at 7 Thursday morning, they took us back about 7:15 to get things started. I got 2 units of plasma before the procedure then 2 afterwards, the biopsy wasn't too bad, but after we got back to the holding room the doctor came in to tell us there was some internal bleeding and would need to admit me to the hospital to watch me overnight. They watched my vital signs very close and did a blood draw every 4 hours, had a scan about 11 pm. These are the things they watch to see if you are still bleeding or if it has stopped. Doctors were in and out during the evening and the next morning, they sent me for a chest xray Friday morning to make sure pneumonia hadn't set in, since they had me pretty much laying flat all the time to prevent anymore bleeding. I was very glad when they said there was no more bleeding, I was worried a little about them going up my groin and into my kidney to find where I was bleeding and to stop it. I had a little cloudiness in the lower part of my lungs but not enough to be concerned about. That was good to know, I didn't really need something else going on. They came in to discharge me at 2:30 and we headed home, it was an uncomfortable ride home, not alot of smooth roads in Arkansas. I took a pain pill and went to bed pretty early, slept pretty good, Saturday when I got up I felt like I had been hit by a Mac Truck, I hurt all over. Sunday, today may be a tiny bit better but my body still hurts and I have a really bad headache, we need to get my things together because early in the morning Candes and I will head back to Little Rock for the radiation, I hope I am up to it because I just want to close another chapter. I am still doing the iodine free diet and will continue that until next Friday, I won't be able to be around people for about 5 or 6 days after my radiation, there are alot of things you have to do like wash my clothes separate from Clays, no one dries their hands on a towel that I have dried mine on. It is kinda crazy but I guess I will be radioactive for a while so you have to take all precautions.

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