Monday, September 13, 2010


I had my treatment on Tuesday, packed up on Wednesday to head to Little Rock on Thursday. Normally going down for test and to see the doctor is a light packing trip, but this time was a little different. I started the low iodine diet on Tuesday so Candes and I had planned our meals to have while we were there. We had to take everything we needed for the salads or meals we were having, no eating out or picking up fast food. We left at 7:30 Thursday morning in a light rain but by the time we got to Mountainburg the rain started so hard she could hardly see to drive, we drove in rain like this until we finally ran out of it right before Conway. I had bloodwork done on Thursday and that was it for the day, Candes and I decided we would go to a movie. Later that evening the chemo kicked in (this is usually about the time it takes) stomach issues and that night I had the pains in my legs off and on all night. On Friday my doctor's appt wasn't until 2 so we had all morning, normally we would have been off doing something but we just stayed at the apartment being lazy, I just felt yuck, didn't feel like doing anything. There was alot of waiting involved before seeing the doctor, you do see a couple of nurses beforehand though. We were walking out the drs office at 6:30, that is just too long to have to wait but oh well what do you do? Dr. Barlogie said that my myeloma is all incheck right now, all counts are good with that, but there are underlying issues with my kidneys. So now I have to go back to Little Rock this week for a kidney biopsy to see if they have missed something or something new has popped up. My kidney counts have not been very good for some time, we are actually back to where we were when this all started last year. Dr. Barlogie wants to hold off on treatment this week until we find out something with the kidney biopsy, I won't have a treatment next week either due to taking the radiation. So this will give me at least 2 weeks to get to feeling better before I will probably start back. I did ask him if I was suppose to feel this way or would it get any better, he said it would get better, but when, how long does it take? I take a treatment one day and usually feel good for a couple of days then feel pretty bad for about 3 days then ok for a couple of days, then it is time to do it all over again. Hopefully they will get it all figured out and I can go back to feeling better.

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