Friday, August 27, 2010

Moving Forward

Well things are much better this week, my throat is better, a sore throat is just the worse thing you can have. I started my chemo treatments this week, I went on Wednesday to Highland for labwork then on upstairs to the chemo room for my treatment. I will receive a liter a fluid then during this I will get my chemo push of Velcade. The fluids I will also take each week for my kidney issues, I am still having poor kidney function/filtration, so if I am not drinking enough (in which I am) they have to give me fluids to try to help. After my treatment I just felt tired, I napped in the afternoon and just rested, that night I started taking my other oral chemo, one of the side effects is insomnia, well it hit about 3 am and I couldn't go back to sleep, I just tossed and turned. I am going to give it a chance before I gradually move it up to earlier in the day. Last night was better, I slept better waking up some but never staying awake a long length of time. I just took it easy yesterday and that's the plan today, so far so good as far as the chemo bothering me, just making me tired but I can handle that. Yesterday afternoon my face broke out or looked like a real bad sun burn, it felt burning hot like I had a fever, I even took my temp when it first started, I'm sure it is either from one of the chemo drugs or the steroids I take on the day of chemo. This too I'm sure will pass, it was just very strange, the heat would just come and go but the redness would stay. This is just another step in my recovery of my myeloma, if I didn't go in once or twice a week to Highland what would I do with myself? Also trying to keep up with all the other doctor appointments I have, it keeps me busy. I at least know what I will be doing the next three years.

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