Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rewind a couple of days

I just haven't felt like posting so I will try to go back and play catch up to post most of what has been going on. This may post on 4/6 when I tried to start it but it didn't happen, so I will try it again tonight. When Clay and I went in I was nervous about the access of my ports, but I was blessed to have Nurse Karen and she was wonderful. Not to say there wasn't some pain involved but she made it much easier. She did the cultures on both ports to check for infection (it came back negative) after having bloodwork done I had to have platelets and a unit of blood. It was a long day, Candes came to the hospital and Clay went back home. Monday and Tuesday were the same routine going into the hospital, I started getting really bad pains in my stomach and was so weak, it was the lowest I have felt. Of course I had bottomed out with my WBC so that didn't help matters. They put me on an 5 hour infuser antibiotic, we will do this twice a day just incase there was any infection or bacteria in my stomach. It was good to have Candes here, she had the worse shift this time though. Darcy met us at the hospital on Wednesday so Candes could go back home. On Wednesday we had bloodwork, bandage change, antibiotic hookup and we were done. I was starting to feel a little better by then, I still wasn't much company though. I am feeling better but really pretty weak, my counts are coming up so that makes you feel better. I had a doctor's appointment with Dr. Barlogie, he looked over all my counts, even though my WBC had just started to come up he felt like things were on track. He wants his physicians assistant to see me on Monday just to double check my numbers and discharge me. Darcy trained as a nurse, she got to learn the process of hooking infusers up to my port, on Wednesday night she was up and down alot hooking and unhooking something or another. I had the antibiotic and potassium/magnesium. She did a good job, she was a good nurse. Clay got here Friday morning and Darcy went back home, today was a short day at the infusion center, all was good with my counts, my WBC had jumped up to 3.3 so I was tickled to death , we didn't have to do anything. I didn't have to get a growth factor shot today since my counts were up. (I am done with those) Clay and I stopped to get a sandwich since I could actually be out in public. Clay and I took a walk around the apartment complex, I was pretty tired when we got back, I still need to gain alot of strength.

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