Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blood Pressure

Another restless night last night, I don't know what the problem is I usually don't have any problem sleeping while I am down here. Part of it was my stomach, just the yuck feeling not knowing if I would have to get up and run to the bathroom, just a panic. The stomach stuff is the worse, I will be so glad when it leaves me, none too soon. This morning was pretty bad as well and to add to it I got so weak I could hardly walk straight, I knew something was off. It was my blood pressure, what little there was. It was a total of 51/37 so of course that means fluids, fluids, fluids. They gave me a liter of fluid and that brought it up a little but not near enough, so another liter of fluid I received. It was a little higher after two liters of fluid they let me go, my counts were ok, I am still doing IV antibiotics since I had bronchitis before I came down, got my growth factor shot and blood work. It was a very long day, Jeremy and I were there from 1-6 today, it was a very tiring day. The fluid helped my energy level, still a little weak but not like this morning.

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