Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Long Day

Clay got here by 10 this morning so Jeremy was able to head back home pretty early, I enjoyed him being here to help this week. Seems like things are always so busy we don't get alot of time to visit. We enjoyed our time together. Clay and I just hung out at the apartment for awhile before time to leave for the infusion center. They were really busy, we waited in the waiting room along time before getting called back. It was pretty much the usual, bloodwork, IV antibiotic, growth factor shot. At least my blood pressure stayed up today, I didn't have to get fluids. We had to wait for the labs to come back to see if I needed anything, if you don't wait it will never fail and they will call you back in after you get home, that's no fun. My white count is coming down but has a ways to go yet before I bottom out, but I needed platelets today, they were at 15 and they need to be at least 20. So this is what took alot of time, they had to match and order my platelets, it was another tiring day, again we were there about 5 hours. When Clay and I left there we stopped to get some dinner, he hadn't really had anything to eat since about 7 this morning, he was a little on the hungry side.

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