Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fair Week

You know when we were kids we loved the Washington County Fair, loading up our animals, taking them in and showing them on show day. The fair was the highlight of our hard work in the summer, leading, feeding, grooming. You would hope that you would come away with the Grand Champion, of whatever you were showing. Then when we had our kids they too wanted to show, be involved in either 4-H or FFA, so here we would go again. You know now I really have no interest at all in the fair, I did take my mom yesterday to watch the goat show, my great niece, her great granddaughter was showing. She did a real good job, she actually placed Reserve Champion. But after setting on those bleachers and walking around it was just all I could do to get back to the car, my body just can not do those things. I am suppose to help in the women's building awhile on Friday, but that won't be too bad, then that's all the fair I need for another year.
Well I do hope that we get some of the rain due to the hurricane, not wising for high winds or storms, just some nice rain. I love the mornings we have had lately, as long as we can keep the temperature down below 100 we are OK. We are coming up on a holiday weekend, Labor Day always means the Clothesline Fair at Prairie Grove. I don't think I have been in a few years, it's always fun to see the crafts and everything else they have to offer. I like to find the good peanut brittle, it seems like it is either very hot and dusty or it rains. It's just a good place to run into old friends, there is always quite a crowd.
As far as for me I'm doing pretty good, my steri strips are still just as attached as the day he put them on.
Everyone enjoy the weekend and whatever you do be safe.

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