Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flying By

This year is truly flying by, I know some people have already been Christmas shopping, with 105* days it's really hard for me to get in the mood. Well it's August, time for school to start back soon and fall to arrive, we can only hope that is. I'm so ready for fall, everything is drying up so I don't know what kind of fall we will have, afraid there won't be alot of color though. A week ago tomorrow we did get some rain along with very high winds, we lost a large pin oak tree out front & it decided to put the gas grill out in the yard upside down & wrong side out. But we are thankful for the rain we received.
I finished taking my shots last week, can't say that I miss that at all, the blood clot appears to be gone, hopefully to stay. The plan is now to have my port taken out, due to it springing a leak or something to that nature, I'm scheduled to go in August 15th to WRMC. I will miss it in a way, it's just nice to have it so they can access it anytime they need to. Since my chemo changed to the sub-Q, I think the only time they would have to put an IV in is when I get the bone strengthening drug, but that is just every other month. Part of me thinks while they are taking this one out should I just let them put one back in, but Dr. Rosenfeld said that we will just leave it out. Hopefully I will never need it again. I have been having alot of trouble with leg pains & cramps lately, then when you can't hardly feel your feet because they are so numb & tingly, it's a little scary. It's pretty bad when you get in the pool but then can't get out, this is the way it was today, had to be helped out by Candes & my niece Catherine. Guess I will just have to check into one of those lifts you see easing someone down in the water, I could just stay on it, splash a little & feel like I had been in the pool. I know a long time ago (when I was a kid) really long, we had a cow or two that had calved but then couldn't get up, I'm visualizing that contraption we used to get them up several times a day. I'm thinking a pulley and maybe an inner tube, opened up. Anyway, I think that would work, although I hope it doesn't get that bad, I just can't get in the pool when no one else is here and that's sad. I did make a trip to Chick-fil-A this morning, it was yummy as usual. It's great that people can still stand up for what they believe, even though sometimes they get alot ridiculed.
Try to stay cool & continue to pray for rain.

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