Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm still pretty sore from my little surgery last week, Clay reminded me last night that it hadn't quite been a week yet. Well today is a week and I'm still sore. Ha!!! So there. My hand is really sore where she wasn't able to get the IV in, but she did hit a gusher, she had to apply pressure awhile to get it to stop bleeding. That is probably why it is so sore. The area where the port was is still pretty sore as well. It will get better though, in a few days I won't even know I had it done. The steri strips are still very much attached, Dr. Park said just let them fall off, I have had them several other times, but it seems like they come off fairly quick, but these seem like they are going to stay awhile.
I'm so excited for Christmas this year, not for presents or decorations, but for two little baby boys. We will have babies to hold, love on, squeeze and just look at and watch them do nothing. Jeremy and Adrienne watch for the arrival of Jude the end of November. Andrew and Kara are expecting Cooper later in December. It is going to be hard on Jonah I'm afraid, he has had all the attention of everyone now for almost 4 years. Babies are wonderful but we just have to remember that this little guy was here first, babies can't play in the sand or climb on the fort or swing either. I don't think we will ever ignore him, Jonah is so special, he stole our heart a long time ago.

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