Thursday, August 16, 2012

Minor Surgery

Yesterday was my port exit surgery, Clay & I were there at 8 am. It was a little on the funny side, my appointment was scheduled on 8-15 @ 8:15, now you couldn't have planned that any better if you would have tried. We actually went in the Walker Heart area of the hospital, that's where this type of surgery & testing are done. I went into my room pretty quick after getting there, all vitals were taken & the IV started, we were moving right along. Dr. John Park M.D. (Radiologist) came in to talk to Clay & I about what was going to take place. The plan was to just take my port out, because for some reason it had been giving me trouble, so why have a port in if you are not going to use it.  Soon after he left the room they wheeled me down to surgery, I was then prepped with everything sterile around me. You definitely don't want to get any germs in this open area he is working in, I have never picked up an infection from the hospital & I don't want to start now. I was then given some sleepy time juice in my IV and he started his work. I never completely went to sleep but so close that I did not feel the big needles with the numbing meds, so that just made my day. This was so different than the way it is done in Little Rock, and truly there is no reason to be so cruel to patients like that. If I have to have one put back in sometime down the road, I will have it done here in Fayetteville. After Dr. Park was finished sewing me up he showed me my old port, he had a rather large tear in it, that is the reason I could tell & feel the pain in my neck a few days after treatment. The only thing that hurt a little was him pushing in my chest/neck area to get it loose. The ports are just suppose to be dangling in there, but mine decided to adhere to me, so he had to work to get it to come out of there. He told me that I might have a little extra pain for that reason. I was just glad to get it taken out, if I would have left it in any longer there's no telling what he would have had to do to get it out of there. I stayed numb for a while after we got home, later I took something for pain. I slept pretty good last night, it's a little hard to get comfortable, that is the side I usually lay on. Having quite a bit of pain today, Dr. Park said that last night & today would probably be the worse. I hope he is right, the one bandage can come off today, the stitches I believe are on the inside, I have the steri strips which will stay on till they fall off. I called HOG this morning to cancel my treatment for today, just didn't think I felt like going. Candes said she could take me but I just wasn't up to it. I knew I couldn't drive being on pain medication, and my neck is just a little stiff anyway so I knew turning my head would be a little bit of a problem. Can't wait till this day is over, the 80's will be here for awhile sounds like anyway. I just love the temperatures to be lower than the 90's & 100's, I think I'm so ready for fall to be here. Hopefully we will get some rain this evening, we need it so bad, rain without storms that is.
Have a good weekend!!!
Be safe out there, remember there will be alot more traffic & kids out & about. Watch for those buses.
It is back to school time, I remember those days, always fun times getting the kids ready for a new school year. Not that they were ready but they just had to get in the swing of things, I guess you'd say.

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