Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Could Fall Be Near

I'm loving the weather lately, the nice cool mornings are great, even though the afternoon warms up, it's not miserable at all. I prefer 80 degree days much more than 100 degree days that for sure. Seems like when football season arrives so does fall, especially when we have had a hot summer, we are so ready for fall. Just when we think everything has dried up, crunchy grass and all, we get a little rain and like magic everything starts to look green again, you hear lawnmowers everywhere. Most everyone got a little break from mowing for awhile but back to it now. It has been perfect weather to drive our little convertible, we have had it out a few times lately.
The day after my last post I mentioned my steri strips were still very much attached, when I went in for treatment on Thursday my nurse looked at them. She said they should come off, she would clean the incision area and re bandage it. She thought it was healing nicely though, that was good news, the strips just wanted to stay with me I guess. I have had this awful cough for about three weeks, the nurse did ask me about it, I figured it was just allergies, like everyone else. She prescribed me some cough syrup, I take it mostly at night, It may be some better, but just hanging on.
Its beginning to look alot like Christmas, around some places that is, I want to enjoy the Fall first. The stores have had their Christmas stuff up for quite awhile now, even putting it on sale already. It does get you a little excited though, seeing all the wrapping paper, ribbon and all the trimmings. This year seems to have flown by, I really don't know where it has gone.
Our little mother to be's seem to be doing just fine, these two blessed events will be here before you know it, I can hardly wait, two little boys. One by Christmas for sure hopefully both, alot of fighting if there is only one baby to pass around but if there are two it makes things go alot smoother. Doesn't everyone just love babies. I know I do.!!!
I made some Pumpkin Bread today, sure did smell like Fall in my house. I love baking things that call for spices, I just love how it leaves your kitchen smelling. Who needs candles???
I'm going to go pick up Jonah in a little bit so he can hang out with us a while tonight.
Get out this weekend to enjoy this beautiful weather.

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